Political Moderation

Why can’t there be a candidate that isn’t an extreme version of their platform?

It’s completely asinine that both parties refuse to back candidates because they’re not completely onboard with party Xs platform. 

Like Mark Cuban said, I think what Donald Trump is doing to politics is the best thing to ever happen to politics in the U.S. Uncensored, not politically correct and completely blunt. To be honest, it’s better the devil you know than the devil you don’t. So at least with Trump you know what you’re getting – some of these candidates are so sketchy and irrelevant. I don’t think anyone can sit here and say yea Trump didn’t earn his living or that he rode someone else’s coattails to get where he is. Yes he’s extreme in some respects but he’s the only one that is most accurate factually when he speaks and not the one riddled with scandals or seem deceptive. 

No candidate is perfect but if I’d have to chose my imperfections right now I’d role the dice and vote for Trump. Is it early? Absolutely. Do I hope he surrounds himself with people that are smart? Absolutely. Is he perfect? No. But at least he’s willing to shake it up and rock the boat in a government that can’t get out of its own way unless it’s to spend more money it doesn’t have. 

On another note, I’ve never been able to understand some people on issues when elections come around. People care more about which candidate will push their agenda regarding LGBT rights or healthcare that doesn’t even apply to them than which candidates economic or foreign policy will fix the current mess the U.S. finds itself. The latter two are infinitely more important because if you get some donkey who is pro transgender rights and green energy but can’t put a bill together to relieve debt or secure stability overseas without creating another Hollywood movie about the U.S. arming puppet dictators/regimes/genocides then there isn’t going to be a government to uphold those liberties or government to subsidize your government healthcare. The fact that people don’t realize that is shortsighted and ridiculous.

Call it terrible of me but it’ll never balance out.

Rant over. 

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