La Lupa


The wolf. Strongest in its pack. Most dangerous in its solace.

The wolf is one of the greatest predators, most protective and most family/community oriented animals. Known to even protect one of its own in the most unfavorable odds. It does nothing to put its pack at risk.

Constantly moving, constantly searching, constantly surviving, constantly thriving and constantly pushing its limits.

The silent assassin of the forest.

This is to me important.


Why Batman is better.

Top 10 Reasons why Batman is the best.

1. He’s not from the planet Krypton and was never bitten by a radioactive spider. That is not intended as a knock on Superman or Spider Man, but the Dark Knight is one of us, only richer and smarter. Bruce Wayne doesn’t have superpowers from a yellow sun or a freak lab accident. He is as human as the next guy, but he needs to be more clever than the next guy if ever hopes to clean up Gotham City. His brilliant ingenuity and fighting skills set him apart from your average bum.

2. He looks great in black. Although black is slimming for most people, very few of us could pull of that costume. But one can assume that wearing a costume like that could make a guy feel pretty special. That must explain why so many geeks wear the costume at Comic-Con.

3. He’s strong enough to survive George Clooney. How many superheroes do you know who could have maintained his reputation after the 1997 debacle known as “Batman & Robin?” The Joel Schumacher-directed fiasco, in which Clooney played Batman and Chris O’Donnell played Robin, almost killed the franchise. It’s practically a miracle that the Batman movies are thought of in such esteem, and we have Christopher Nolan to thank for that.

4. The Bat Cave. What guy doesn’t love his man cave? Well, imagine the ultimate man cave, which not only can hold all your coolest gadgets but even your car, plane and amphibious vehicles. It has been said that Bruce Wayne’s hideaway under his mansion was once a stop on the underground railroad.

5. Alfred the Butler. Alfred Pennyworth has been Bruce Wayne’s faithful valet, confidant and surrogate father since 1943 and on top of all that he’s played by Sir Michael Cane.

6. The Batmobile. Batman is not a Prius kind of guy. He would look silly climbing out of a fuel-efficient vehicle in a bat suit. People would laugh at him. What kind of a superhero gets laughed at?

7. The mask. If Bruce Wayne had learned Clark Kent’s secret, then he wouldn’t have to wear a mask. Kent merely removed his glasses and nobody recognized him.Wayne, on the other hand, is not so lucky. He is not a mild-mannered reporter for a great metropolitan newspaper. He is a billionaire industrialist who is in the society pages all the time. Someone would figure out that he’s also Batman. Unless, of course, he wore glasses.

8. Catwoman. Played in “The Dark Knight Rises” by Anne Hathaway, she has been portrayed on television and in the movies by a variety of actresses, including Julie Newmar, Eartha Kitt, Lee Meriweather, Halle Berry and Michelle Pfeiffer. She is a longtime necessary adversary of the Dark Knight.

9. Other cool villains. There is no Joker in the new movie, but Batman has his hands full with Bane (played by Tom Hardy). Through the years, the Caped Crusader has battled The Riddler, Poison Ivy, Scarecrow, Mr. Freeze and The Penguin. All of these parts have had their ups and downs but in comparison to all others, the Batman villains take the gold.

10. His origin story. When Bruce Wayne was a child, he witnessed his parents’ murder at the hands of a mugger. He vowed to devote his life and his family’s vast fortune to fighting crime in a suit that resembles a bat. Additionally he conquers his fear of bats after falling into a well as a child. Imagine your ass falling into a 40 foot well as a 6 year old and how you react.

That is why Batman is easily the best and most realistic super hero of all time.

Breaking the Newsroom

I’m an avid Newsroom and Breaking Bad fan. Haven’t missed an episode this season and am content with how both shows are going,sorta.

I’d have to say the Newsroom has been much more interesting but it is in it’s first season and Breaking Bad is in it’s like 7th so what the hell. As a continuation of how dumb the American public is, nobody other than a couple people I know have been watching this show. Because for some reason everybody would rather watch Lost or Desperate Housewives. Like what the fuck? Educate yourselves a little and watch a show that is relevant to real life and not some bullshit. The uninformed American populous is disgusting. Half of us don’t even know who to vote forand then when we confirm what we believe in, the result ends up being Ron Paul as the best candidate to vote for andf the poor bastard han’t got over 10% of the vote in the i dont know how many years he’s been running.

Completely unbelievable. People know more about Desperate Housewives than the Glass-Steagall Act, what the Tea Party movement is or how many terms Theodore Roosevelt held the oval office for, but yet everyone believes they’re right without a doubt, about every political debate there is. SMH. (shaking my head)

As someone who watches the Newsroom, I’m aware and at least if anything, the Newsroom has made me aware. Even to the fact that I wonder if the Newsroom has any hidden agenda other than that of addressing this issue with todays American media. But who knows, I wish I could skip everything in between and just become president and “eradicate & refurbish” Congress.

Nonethless, The Newsroom was again extremely entertaining and complex. The Dr. Habib character introduced was awesome. Sensei of the mind and Will MacEvoy. Can’t sleep at night, no it isnt your stress and death threats at work, its cus your eating two bacon egg and cheeses before bed you moron. Ha. Classic. Love it, see you next week Dr. Habib.

Now, Breaking Bad. After this Sunday’s episode, I am starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel. There is finally something developing and a sense of the future. The first couple episodes were annoying and tying up loose ends from last season. BUT, I’m totally with Walt on this one, the deal they have going right now is complete bullshit. Too many middlemen and people getting cuts. I mean the guy is cooking pounds of meth and only getting 1/6th of the results. Bullshit. And of course Jesse is in another world as always with his new Mexican hunnie and her 8 year old son. SMH. Whenever Jesse is needed he’s in LaLa Land and has completely lost all his ambition.

Oh well. It is what it is. Shit will workout.

10/4 kids. Happy Monday.

The Dark Knight Rises

Have no idea why I haven’t written about this yet.

This has to have been the greatest movie I have ever seen. And I love watching movies.

It had everything, action, romance & drama, sci-fi, a great ending and a message. It was epic and the most amazing movie ever.

Bane voice was interesting but otherwise, both villains & heroes were on point.

In addition it had the most epic quotes.

Suffering builds character.

Definitely a buy when it comes out on DVD.

Your opinion?


Girls hate it. Dudes love it.

Boh. Its not a movie you can just take a face value. There’s no way its just about fighting and middle aged men going through their mid-life crisis. My take on it among thousands of nut-jobs other theories is that it is more so the mental struggle of one man and his alter ego. However, the movie is so involved and complex, it makes the viewer consider numerous other issues. The issue of todays “modern generation.” 

I mean, Tyler Durden is a complete badass in this. Literally changing peoples lives just to feel accomplished, e.i. the scene with the asian man in the convenient store wanting to be a vet and being held at gunpoint until he vowed to become what he wants.

Either way. I thought of this movie, as it is one of my favorites, this morning because I saw this picture and it has to be one of the most interesting pictures of two males ever taken. I want one like this with one of my friends, if not all, straight faced. no fucks given. come get us.



Words you will bring with you forever..

These wrote these quotes to myself senior year of high school and received them at the beginning of sophomore year in college.


Your glory walks hand in hand with your doom.
La tua gloria cammina mano a mano con la tua fine.

Death smiles at us all. All a man can do is smile back.
La morte sorride a uomo, l’unica cosa che può fare uomo e sorride indietro.

Often the test of courage is not to die but to live.
-Vittorio Alfieri