The Art of Being Busy

Being busy is an art. And art closely associated with productivity, success and reward.

Son being busy is getting up at 7 AM. Eating & Driving to Work. Working 8:30-12:00. Driving another 45 min. Eating for 15 min. Working from 1-5 at work #2. Driving home 60 min. Changing & going to a voluntary work from 6-7:30. Eating dinner. And then having time to take a shit, tweet, breathe, send a text, make a phone call sit and think and write a goddamn blog. Then wake up and do it again.

There ain’t many my age chasing the future instead of waitin for it. Mind you, you pompous shit. This is after years of construction 4:30am-3:30pm, school, grave digging and bagging groceries. Now Wale what is ambition? it’s something that runs thru ya veins.

And after it all, I want more. I want a whole lot more. So ask yourself a question? What the fuck did you do all day?


life’s only business


Italian proverb always said.
He who eats alone dies alone.