Breaking the Newsroom

I’m an avid Newsroom and Breaking Bad fan. Haven’t missed an episode this season and am content with how both shows are going,sorta.

I’d have to say the Newsroom has been much more interesting but it is in it’s first season and Breaking Bad is in it’s like 7th so what the hell. As a continuation of how dumb the American public is, nobody other than a couple people I know have been watching this show. Because for some reason everybody would rather watch Lost or Desperate Housewives. Like what the fuck? Educate yourselves a little and watch a show that is relevant to real life and not some bullshit. The uninformed American populous is disgusting. Half of us don’t even know who to vote forand then when we confirm what we believe in, the result ends up being Ron Paul as the best candidate to vote for andf the poor bastard han’t got over 10% of the vote in the i dont know how many years he’s been running.

Completely unbelievable. People know more about Desperate Housewives than the Glass-Steagall Act, what the Tea Party movement is or how many terms Theodore Roosevelt held the oval office for, but yet everyone believes they’re right without a doubt, about every political debate there is. SMH. (shaking my head)

As someone who watches the Newsroom, I’m aware and at least if anything, the Newsroom has made me aware. Even to the fact that I wonder if the Newsroom has any hidden agenda other than that of addressing this issue with todays American media. But who knows, I wish I could skip everything in between and just become president and “eradicate & refurbish” Congress.

Nonethless, The Newsroom was again extremely entertaining and complex. The Dr. Habib character introduced was awesome. Sensei of the mind and Will MacEvoy. Can’t sleep at night, no it isnt your stress and death threats at work, its cus your eating two bacon egg and cheeses before bed you moron. Ha. Classic. Love it, see you next week Dr. Habib.

Now, Breaking Bad. After this Sunday’s episode, I am starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel. There is finally something developing and a sense of the future. The first couple episodes were annoying and tying up loose ends from last season. BUT, I’m totally with Walt on this one, the deal they have going right now is complete bullshit. Too many middlemen and people getting cuts. I mean the guy is cooking pounds of meth and only getting 1/6th of the results. Bullshit. And of course Jesse is in another world as always with his new Mexican hunnie and her 8 year old son. SMH. Whenever Jesse is needed he’s in LaLa Land and has completely lost all his ambition.

Oh well. It is what it is. Shit will workout.

10/4 kids. Happy Monday.