Get me to the Greeks.


Probably the longest I’ve been on a boat, about 15 hours later and a transfer of ferries it was definitely worth it. Once we got the the island of Corfu we were picked up by a pink bus that brought us to the Pink Palace. The first day we went on an ATV tour of the island, beautiful views, crystal clear water and some fun on 4 wheels. We rode through towns, dirt roads and main streets, all the way down to a beach for lunch. No casualties just a lot of inept female drivers, what else is new. That night we had a makeshift Halloween party with a pretty included dinner.


Day 2 consisted of the “booze cruise.” Throw 85 people on a small wood hull boats with no life jackets and beer and wine and that’s what we had. The captain was in a hat, typical captains shirt and whitey tighties, classic. What went on, on that cruise will forever be held secret by many. Unfortunately not for here, this is another ask in person clause. During the cruise we pulled up to a formation of rocks in the water, what they called cliffs. So, jump off the boat, swim to a jagged rock formation in the middle of the water, climb up the jagged rocks in my Nike flip flops, because you know, impossible is nothing, get to the top and then pencil dive 60 feet into blue Greek water. That shit was no joke, some people that landed wrong got bruised and really shaken up. 1 casualty- female, 20, fractured back due to jump & still in Greece due to needed surgery (prior to jump had scoliosis; aka shouldn’t have jumped). After the booze cruise it was nap time. Then time to get into your pink toga and bust a move. Toga party was a success, dancing was hilarious. Overall good time. Next day presented itself with a hangover worth of putting out a large horse. However I rallied and joined a trip to Corfu town. Cool little town, cool Venetian fort, typical small island town. However would hate to live there. They still have cars from World War II, like, I was surprised the palace had wifi. Overall great trip “saw some great views.” Once in a lifetime chance to see the worlds most famous hostel.


That’s all folks. Thanks again for reading, hopefully you’ll want more and come ask me a few questions!

Stay classy & Yamas!


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