Better late than never, but never late is better.

I take a moment this evening to let this blog continue. Update you a little about the things I been through.


I have brought too felines into my life, unfortunately left at home. They brought another dimension of caring into my life. Not of just material and familial ties but rather one of choice and complete unconditional care. Interesting. The collegiate journey has resumed. With the eventual goal of ultimately never having to do what those who have come before me have. I have, not yet officially, accomplished something I have put so much time, effort, and mental work into. This simple thing I’ve been doing my whole life, over these last few days has strangely made me realize a wealth of things. Things I had been told years ago, but finally make any practical sense at all.

Be all you can be.

Sounded so damn dumb….Yeah go out and do everything….”Okay you jackass” 


But its not dumb and its not go out and do everything. What I have developed it to mean to me is follow your ambitions until they lead to dead ends. Follow your every desire, ambition, and ideas until there is nothing else you can do to feel accomplished. Whether you succeed or fail is for most, never the outcome,  but the fact that you never gave in, never folded and did do all you could, is more than whoever failed.

By what I believe has only been luck alone and thanks to how I was raised, I have succeeded.


Always with so much to write but no idea how to formulate it. I sit in complete hypocrisy, philosophizing. I hate philosophizing people who do nothing but fuck up in life but somehow have all the words and wisdom. Yet they have no pot to piss in and no life long ambitions. 


In the end I only hope to change the lives of the people who I meet and make a difference. And maybe crack a joke or two in the meantime. Hope the true & few who read enjoy.


Please comment, add or shit on.


Cheers. 10/4

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