Girls hate it. Dudes love it.

Boh. Its not a movie you can just take a face value. There’s no way its just about fighting and middle aged men going through their mid-life crisis. My take on it among thousands of nut-jobs other theories is that it is more so the mental struggle of one man and his alter ego. However, the movie is so involved and complex, it makes the viewer consider numerous other issues. The issue of todays “modern generation.” 

I mean, Tyler Durden is a complete badass in this. Literally changing peoples lives just to feel accomplished, e.i. the scene with the asian man in the convenient store wanting to be a vet and being held at gunpoint until he vowed to become what he wants.

Either way. I thought of this movie, as it is one of my favorites, this morning because I saw this picture and it has to be one of the most interesting pictures of two males ever taken. I want one like this with one of my friends, if not all, straight faced. no fucks given. come get us.




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